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Your First 30 Days



In this virtual space, it’s just so easy to feel overwhelmed at the idea of starting something new. And with isolation, there is no one to ask. 

That’s where we come in.

Welcome to your First 30 Days Homepage.

This 30 day program is filled with opportunities to practice with the team, ask questions, and connect with other people in our community.

Note: Make sure to bookmark this page so it’s easy to navigate to as we navigate this experience, together. 

Your First 30 Days Schedule

Week 1

Building a rhythm of daily practice

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Week 2

Finding the practice that’s right for you

Week 3

Variety is the spice of life

Week 4

Finishing strong, with plenty of support

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Your Home Practice


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Other Resources

Additional tips, links, and posts

Tips for Practice at Home

(1) Set up your practice space

(2) Grab a water or tea

(3) Pick your class

(4) Practice your heart out!

Want more tips for your home practice?

Ready to Dive Deeper?

Live + self-paced programs with our awesome team

Virtual On-demand Library

More than 450+ Classes

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Virtual Weekend Retreat


6-week Hybrid Run + Strength Training Program


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