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Teens Yoga + mindfulness

Movement and meditation to meet the moment



We learn physical forms to strengthen the body, build flexibility, and enhance proprioception. We build confidence, body awareness, and improve sleep, all through intentional yoga shapes.


We believe in creating a safe, non-judgemental, and non-competitive atmosphere where everyone feels seen and everyone has value. Show up as you are. There is a place for you here. 


Each week, we’ll learn about the body, physiology, and the brain. You’ll learn how breath affects your body and mind. And you’ll learn tools and strategies to help manage stress and anxiety. 


This is so much more than a movement class. From mindfulness, self-awareness, writing, meditation, and the science of the body, brain, and physiology – we’re here to support your journey of self-discovery. 

We’ll learn about the brain. We’ll understand what happens in the body when we experience stress. We’ll learn tools and strategies to manage stress in the moment, and use different practices to bring the body, brain, and physiology back into balance. 

Basically, we’re here to help you become an expert in YOU. And, through regular practice, you’ll discover not only who you are, but how to cultivate the best version of you in all moments.


Corporate wellness program, yoga, meditation, mindfulness


Free weekly classes on YouTube Sundays at 5:30pm EST

Free Weekly Teen Yoga + Mindfulness Classes on youTube
Corporate wellness program, yoga, meditation, mindfulness


Studied by Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s Hospital, the benefits of this curriculum include:

+ Emotional benefits: decrease emotional reactivity, curb negative emotions, increase positive emotions and general optimism.

 + Mental benefits: improve quality and duration of sleep, fall asleep faster, reduce stress and anxiety.

+ Social benefits: increase sense of community, break down social barriers, enhance peer relationships, de-emphasize stereotypes.

+ Physical benefits: improve athletic performance; increase body awareness, increase flexibility, alignment, and core strength.



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Live classes via Zoom


More than 800+ on-demand classes


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Discover possibility through practice

Meet Julie

Julie Love Gagen | Owner, Be the Love Wellness

Hey, hey, friend! My name is Julie and I’m the owner and founder of Be the Love Wellness. I came to yoga kicking and screaming, so to speak. It was NOT something I was interested in. But life has this way of pulling you in the direction that you’re supposed to go, even if it’s not part of your plans.

In my senior year of engineering school, I got sick. I was so sick, I had to leave school. Countless doctors and visits later, there was no cause or condition. So I decided to turn to the things that I knew were “healthy”, like yoga, mindfulness, and a really basic diet. Slowly, I got better and was able to finish my degree.

Over the years, I’ve had a lot of unexpected challenges. The one thing that has helped me through it all, helped me heal, helped me grow, helped me find my truth, is this practice. And I’m really excited and happy to share it with you. 




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