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Tiny miracles happen here, yogi.

Whether it’s touching your toes for the first time, or finding yourself less stressed, more at ease, or sleeping soundly — everyone has a story about how our work has positively improved their lives.

Our members have healed chronic back pain, gained enough strength to do their first plank at 68 years old, lifted into their first headstands, and found a whole new level of wellness and wellbeing.

And these are just a few of the countless stories they tell.

If you talk to any of our regular people, they’ll tell you of a breakthrough they had here.

Not because they worked out hard or sacrificed or gave anything up. Their achievements happened because they decided to show up. And the rest is their story.

So, what will your tiny miracle be?


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This month at Be the Love

April 2021

“All we need is a gentle reminder to help us return to ourselves.”

– Thich Nhat Hanh, Making Space


What people are saying


Virtual Studio

BTL has been the highlight of my quarantine. Going to class is now a daily habit and I think I’d lose my mind without it.

If you’ve been looking for a studio, I highly recommend joining this community!

–  MJ

Getting Strong

“I’m 65 years old and this year I learned to hold a plank! 

BTL has Incredible instructors, a plethora for many options, and an incredible community of wonderful people!!!

–  Lori S.

Welcoming Community

“Thanks for the personal ‘hi’ and welcome to newbie in the class, I’m struggling with the whole concept of virtual yoga — so that made me feel better!”

–  Amanda B.

Great Experience

“I have taken many classes with Caitrin. She really listens to the students and has a very lovely practice. She is great at explaining poses so I feel like I can do her whole class with my eyes closed. I also think her classes have a really nice flow to them.”

–  Sarah G.

Every journey, every tiny miracle, began with the thought

What if? 


With Be the Love, you care for your whole self




Rediscover that part of you.

The part of you that is tired of being tired.

The part of you that is ready to shift.

The part of you that is waiting for it to be her turn.

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Let's Connect!

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