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Welcome to Your 5-Day BTL Experience

We are SO EXCITED to have you here, friend!

In this 5-day experience, our team will guide you through 5 days of well-rounded yoga and movement classes that combine strength, grace, and self-inquiry through movement and breath.

You’ll notice that each day has different leveled classes. That’s on purpose: we want you to have the range of experience we offer. Some days, gentle yoga is the absolute best, other days a great vinyasa class helps clear the mind and body.

Here at Be the Love, we believe that yoga study should be easy to access and should be available to all practitioners.

This is your invitation to explore what’s available.

So, give it a try! Each day, log in and grab a class or two. Or, skip ahead and check out all the classes, meet the team, and find what types of classes are the best fit for you.

Even in its simplest form, the power of this practice is incredible. And this is your chance to get started. See you on the mat!

Sutra Summer Experience - How it works
summer sutra experience yoga sutras study
Sutra Summer Experience - All Yoga Classes


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