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So many conversations I’ve had recently have centered around PANDEMIC FATIGUE. I want to take a moment, first, to acknowledge it. Friend, this is HARD for so many of us.
That’s why I wanted to offer some tips here, as your yoga teacher, and as a mom of two, that is also feeling the pangs of pandemic fatigue.
Tips for working with pandemic fatigue:
✨ Keep a routine. As best you can, wake up, and go to bed, at the same time every day. Even on the weekends (if you can). By keeping a consistent sleep routine, you will sleep better and life gets easier when that happens.
✨ Move your body every single day. Walk. Run. Double mask up and hit up the gym. Grab a gallon of water and use it for squats. Do something to get your heart rate up every day. Even for just a couple of minutes. ANY movement is better than nothing. Take it slow and do your best.
✨ Take care of your brain. Learn something new. Add variety to your day with an activity that gets you working with your body and your brain together. Take up a new movement practice. Start knitting. Do something that you will look forward to, even if it’s just for a few minutes a day.
✨ Acknowledge where you’re at. Being real, most of us are feeling some level of grief and depression. It’s winter. It’s Boston. There is a lot of snow and cold and we’ve been indoors for almost a year. Call a friend. Get a therapist. Get involved in something that helps you work with where you’re at and maybe make it a little more tolerable.
✨ Join a group beyond Facebook. Studies are finding that are small social relationships – the acquaintances that we used to see at the office, the gym, and the coffee house – are very valuable for mental health. Find something that will get you connected to people that have a shared interest. Be the Love members can do this through our weekly coffee and conversation chats and book club.


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