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The other day we started the conversation on pandemic fatigue. Here’s the thing: it looks different in all of us. If I were to try to describe how I feel on a given day, between virtual school, working with kids always there, and the constant juggle of trying to make it work — I would probably describe myself more as pandemic anxious.

It shows up most when I’m walking through the grocery store and it’s a little busier than I would like. Or when I can’t fall asleep at night. Or when I try to start something new, but days and weeks later, I feel like I’m still on step one.

What I love most about yoga is being able to show up as myself. And there is never a time when that is more needed than when I’m feeling the stress, strain, and anxiousness of being SO OVER IT with this pandemic.

But starting new things is hard. And if I am going to do it, it has to be worth it. Here is my pandemic-era, working mom criteria for starting new things.

In order for me to try something new, it has to:
(1) Promise me the results that I want
(2) Be easy to bring into my life

That is why I love yoga nidra. And that is why I personally did a happy dance when Ashley said she was going to offer it.

In yoga nidra class, for 30 minutes, you turn off your camera, lay in bed, and consciously relax your body and mind, until you reach the in-between space. It’s the space between wake and rest, when the mind is alert and awake, and the body is relaxed and grounded.

And oh-my it is DELIGHTFUL.

Through regular listening, yoga nidra offers a whole world of benefits, including:
+ Reduced stress
+ Better sleep
+ Improved attention span
+ Improved resiliency

And that’s just scratching the surface of all that it can do for you. Because practicing yoga nidra means building a habit that is centered around something as simple as popping on your headphones and listening WHILE relaxing your body.

And building a habit that is EASY is what we call an anchor habit. It’s the thing that anchors you into showing up, and it typically leads to other habits like it.

Like regular yoga or movement practice. Like picking up running again. Like moving your body for the first time in a while. So you see, the benefits of nidra are only limited by how much you’re willing to bring it into your life. And if I were you, gosh, friend, I would say – it’s totally worth it!

Drop in today and try it for yourself! It will be offered every Wednesday night.


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