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We have heard from so many of you that life these days…man, it’s just HARD. Whether it’s the exhaustion of pandemic fatigue or the balancing act that comes with juggling work, and kids, and remote school, the pull and pressures that you’re carrying can feel like there is just nothing left for you.

We all know, because we hear it, that it’s so important to take care of yourself. But putting it into practice is really hard when there is so much else demanding your attention. And you might find yourself saying “when this is over…” As if your body, mind, and being can be put on hold until the timing is better.

But .. for real, can it actually wait? Because the longer we go at this pace of life, with no breaks, no rest, and no way to get out of it, the more detriment is done to your nervous system. And it compounds over time.

Which means, the longer you put it off, the more work will have to be done to re-train your body to open, to breathe, to relax again. And yet – you just don’t have the bandwidth to start something new.

This month at Be the Love, we’re addressing pandemic fatigue, and offering support for your nervous system in every. single. class we offer. Throughout the month of March, our full regular schedule is peppered and seasoned with mini-meditations to invite ease, dharma talks and yoga tools to support your higher self, and the coaching and encouragement you need to DO LESS.

That’s right, yogi. We’re here to help you unburden your to-do list.

And try a little less doing…and a little more breathing, listening, sitting, feeling.

Why? Because sometimes by doing less, you give yourself a whole lot more.


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