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It’s been a spell since the last time I popped in your feed, friend. I hope you’re having a WONDERFUL summer break, getting some much-needed sunshine and fresh air, and appreciating the time of year where you can slip-on sandals and pop out the door without the fuss of cold weather attire.
I love summer, friend.
It’s the freedom of slipping on shoes and going outdoors. The warmth of a humid summer evening with just the right amount of breeze. The feeling of the afternoon sun. Sunsets. Beach days. Hats.
Summer is a season that feels both fast and slow. There are logistics and arrangements and travel and planning. And there is all this space in the day. Early sun rises. Late sun sets.
With all that extra sun-lit time, it can feel freeing, open, delightful.
And it’s that energy – that spaciousness, that extra time, that earlier wake-up that gives us the opportunity to experience something new. To contemplate. Read. Write. Reflect.
I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what it means to practice yoga. About what experiences, what tools, what support we need, as yogis, to really learn the practice.
You see, yoga is so much more than what we experience in group classes.
Sure, there is breath and movement. And there’s that awesome nap at the end.
Have you ever wondered WHY we do what we do in yoga class?
Have you ever felt that curious am-i-doing-this-right feeling?
Have you ever wondered what to call that delightful after-yoga glow?
Or maybe, you’re ready to get back into the swing of regular yoga class. You miss that feeling after class. The way your head feels a little clearer. The ease in your shoulders.
But you’ve been off your mat a while and, well, even though you’re feeling like it’s time to re-start again – you want to start slow. Something manageable. Something to just get in the habit of practice again.
If that’s you, yogi, then I have something for you.
It’s all ready and packaged up, so if you wanted to: you could literally start right now.
It’s called Yoga Foundations – and it’s pretty awesome. 
Yoga Foundations is the re-start invitation you’ve been waiting for. It’s self-paced. Short classes. 21 days. Accessible, gentle, daily practice. 
We give you everything: getting comfortable on the mat, some yoga pose breakdowns to keep you practicing safe. And enough space so that you can really enjoy this restart – one practice at a time. 
Yoga Foundations is the perfect summertime refresh for any yogi.
And right now – it’s ON SALE for $20 off!! Check it out, friend!


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