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In Sunday Service yesterday, we worked with the body to bring energy up and cycle it through the body.

In yoga, we call the energy – the life force – Prana.

Prana is seen as a universal energy which flows in currents in and around the body.

And when we are bringing energy up, and through the body, we call that Prana vayu. It is the upward moving current of energy and life force.

It is what is happening in and around our environment as we speak.

As spring delivers buds on trees, and crocuses peaking up from the earth, we see the upward moving life force of the earth in action.

We see the earth, the environment, and life – beginning again.

And in that spirit of beginning again, we are super excited to offer you a new experience on our schedule.

Starting this Wednesday, Heather is leading Virtual Adaptive Reset: an After-work wind down to help your body, mind, and being reset after a long work day.

Class is 30 minutes long. It is chair-based adaptive movement. And it is the service that your body, mind, and being require after a long day at the desktop.


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