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It was just a couple of weeks ago that we added Adaptive Reset to our program. And, can I tell you? People are LOVING IT!

It’s bringing in yogis that haven’t practiced in years. It’s making space for people who have been too shy to get on the mat. It’s opening up a whole new world of service and support, and accessibility, that is totally new and inspiring in the yoga world.

That’s why Be the Love is excited to announce that Be the Love is now an Official Ambassador of Accessible Yoga.

Friends, this is something I am really stinking proud of.

For so long, people have asked me for accessible offerings, adaptations, and opportunities to bring BTL into greater leadership when it comes to caring for marginalized members of our community.

And for so long, I have desired a response that met and matched the need I also see for greater access, for greater accommodations, and for greater awareness in the yoga community to care for people of all shapes, sizes, colors, and abilities to be met on the mat with care and consideration and offered the same level and depth of practice that we all have come to know and love.

What is Accessible Yoga?


Yoga is a beautiful gift to the world that we can all unwrap and enjoy. It provides tools that offer us moments of peace and can lead to lives of dedication and fulfillment.

  • We can advocate for Accessible Yoga by making a commitment to reach out to people without access to the teachings of yoga, and by continuing to practice and embody the teachings in our own lives.
  • We can advocate for Accessible Yoga by educating members of the yoga community and increasing awareness through media and social media.
  • We make a commitment to creating accessible and equitable yoga spaces, where everyone feels welcome.
  • We educate ourselves about making classes accessible and inclusive of people of all abilities and backgrounds.
  • We serve to bring greater access to yoga for marginalized people.

As an Ambassador Studio for Accessible Yoga, we are committed to making each class we offer accessible to all bodies, all cultures and communities, all people of all genders and gender identities, we embrace our LGBTQ+ friends, we welcome all races and ethnicities, all body types, shapes, and sizes, all abilities, all physical and emotional needs, all ages, all levels of trauma, and all humans of all places.

We’re here to be a place to congregate and come into yourself by creating a space that is judgement-free, body-positive, encouraging, supportive, and trauma aware.

If you are someone who has felt left out of the yoga world, if you know someone that wants to start, and that desires the support of a community that will embrace you, as you are: you are welcome here.


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