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I had a moment today in my personal practice when, all of the sudden, I had perfect clarity about who we are and what we do here at Be the Love.

And when it landed in my head, I could feel it in my heart.

As if I was finally able to hear your story, friend.

So many times, you have shared your story of a tiny miracle that occurred as a result of your experience here at Be the Love.

A list of tiny miracles

Like the yogini who touched her toes for the first time in class one day.

Like the yogini that found less stress, and more ease, because she kept coming to class.

Like my friend with anxiety, that used the grounding of practice to find inner calm and peace.

Like the yogini who, after a few weeks of practice, finally started sleeping through the night for the first time in years.

Like the yogi that healed chronic back pain, and was so profound, that his chiropractor called us to let us know.

Like the regular moms, and dads, and people who show up here and find space to have a little less judgement, and a little more ease, and OH I DON’T KNOW, maybe in the process, find the space and the peace of mind and the community and the encouragement and the support to keep going.

Tiny miracles away, yogis.

That’s what you get here. That’s what you’ve been experiencing here. And I am just so grateful that, for the first time, I was really able to receive that today.


What will your tiny miracles be, yogi?

Tiny miracles happen here, yogi. Whether it’s touching your toes for the first time, or finding yourself less stressed, or personal growth, or finally sleeping through the night, or healing chronic back pain, or just feeling a little bit better – all of these tiny miracles have happened here. 

And we could go on and on.

If you talk to any of our regular people, they’ll tell you a similar story of a breakthrough they had here. Not because they worked out hard, or toiled over making change, or sacrificed, or gave anything up.

Things shifted for them because they decided to show up. And the rest is their story.

What will your story be?


Thank you. We love you. You’re amazing. Be well.


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