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In our first Welcome Mat session last month, the group spoke about things we hold dear. We were each tasked to find an item that meant something to us and brought it to our home practice space.

These items included things like: pictures of daughters, gifts from people we love, candles, notebooks, and journals. Each item evoked something in the heart.

Each item is a reminder of why we practice. Why we show up. Why we keep at it. A reminder to open our hearts to practice, to become more present, and to tap into that deeper sense of connection that comes from breath and movement and space.

This morning, as I landed on my mat, I read from The Book of Awakening by Mark Nepo. It’s a favorite daily reader that reminds me of the beauty of life and living, that helps me scoff off the sleepiness of the morning, and helps me feel more connected to the world outside my doors.

In today’s reading, the following quote was shared: “If you truly hold a stone, you can feel the mountain in came from”

I stepped off my mat, and wandered around my house, to find objects and things that reminded me of the mountains I have had in my life:

A journal from when I was pregnant with my oldest child.

A sea shell from Prince Edward Island (my favorite place on earth)

A rock from the beach my family frequented when I was little

An air plant from our studio

A poetry book my father loved to recite

As I held each item, I thought of a thousand memories each represented. The smell of the shore. The feeling of warm sun on my skin. The sound in my dad’s voice as he recited poems around a campfire. The nervousness and excitement of the unknown territory of motherhood.

When I think back to each of these moments, I realize how lucky I am to be alive.

Imperfect. Uncertain. Loving. Unique. Beautiful, life.

A Meditation to Remember

Walking through your home, look for an item that hold meaning and memory. Take a moment to pull it off the shelf, or unearth it from your drawer or storage cabinet.

Hold the item in your hand.

Close your eyes.

And allow the memories to come through.

The smells. The sensations. The people. The places. The circumstances.

These moments are yours. They shape who you are today. And they inform your heart, and your mind, and your being.

Being alive, in all its imperfection, is a gift, dear yogi. Each time you feel caught up in the stress or uncertainty of living, take a moment to close your eyes and remember.

Remember who you are.

Remember what you have lived and loved. And with that gratitude, and feeling in your heart, come back to your day with a little more perspective.


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