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So I posted this question in our Facebook group and was surprised at how many people responded. Which, by the way, if you’re not in our Facebook group yet, come on in, yogi! You can join for free here.

So in the group I asked a simple question. And I got a bunch of responses, which made me realize just how much we’re all needing some extra love.

And my hope is that, by asking this here, we can expand it here as well.

  • Are you feeling out of shape?
  • Are you struggling to find the time, or the space, or the motivation to move your body?
  • Would you like some support with that?
  • Would you be interested in joining a free challenge with us?

REPLY to this post with a quick – yes / no / maybe. Feel free to add any other details or requests you have.

We want to hear from you. And we will create something based on what you share.

So take a quick moment to comment. And start the conversation. We’ll follow up and ask for more details as needed.

Let’s chat, friend!


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