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Gosh, I am just SO EXCITED to share this here, friend!! If you haven’t been seeing the updates on our Facebook page, this might feel a bit like jumping in mid-conversation, but….

OUTDOOR YOGA CLASSES are happening, friend!!

We are now located at 2 Mill & Main in downtown Maynard. Our outdoor classes will be held in this gorgeous courtyard area, in between Building 8 and Building 7, right off Main Street.

As we just start to get set up with outdoor classes, we are offering them on a weather-dependent pop-up basis for the next few weeks. And TOMORROW, March 25th, the weather is expected to be a wonderfully warm 70 degrees!!

So we decided, yogi, IT IS TIME. And we can’t wait to practice with you.

If you would like to get up to speed, and find out when and how to join our outdoor classes, join this email list.

Once you’re on the list, we’ll send you details on how to join our classes, what the parameters are, and how to get the most out of your outdoor movement experience with us.

Friend, we are BEAMING WITH EXCITEMENT to share this.


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