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Have you noticed the light in the sky lately? The seasons are shifting, days are getting longer, and the emergence of spring is beginning to show itself.

Each morning this week, as I let my dog out and prepare for some morning movement, I am greeted by the bright joyfulness of chirping birds. Their songs are a sweet reminder that the flurries and fury of winter is ebbing.

Spring is my favorite season. It is filled with possibility. New life, new beginnings, new seasons of growth and prosperity. And it’s with that joy of beginning that I’m so excited to share this month’s theme here at Be the Love.

You see, we’ve been hearing from so many that the weight of winter, of managing virtual school schedules and the stress of managing to keep social distance as stores begin to feel more and more crowded, and the general weight of missing “normal” routines… it’s all just a lot.

And we feel it too. So we got together as a team. And started talking about what we could do to support our community through this time.

To usher in a new season. To get out and MOVE more. And to do so with a lighter heart, an open mind, and the support and depth of yoga, through the teachings of our awesome team. And we are SO EXCITED to share with you this month’s theme for our entire program, all of which will arrive in your inbox tomorrow.

Because today, on this first day of a new month, we want to invite you to take a moment to breathe.

A Meditation on POSSIBILITY

Take a seat.
Close your eyes.
Bring your hands onto your heart / body / ribs / stomach.
Feel your breath.
Feel your heart rise on the inhale.
Feel your heart fall on the exhale.
Allow your body to relax.

On each inhale repeat, to yourself “I invite renewal, new beginnings, and wonder”.

On each exhale repeat, to yourself “I let go of worry and fear and frustration”.

Feel free to modify your breath, your mantra, and your invitation to suit what will serve you best.

For Extra Credit: add this mantra to your morning / evening walk. With each full step, add an invitation, and offer a release. Continue for 5-10minutes, or throughout a longer walk. Let the invitation and offering change as you move.

Allow the wonder in. Let the rest go.


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