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I am so excited about our challenge next week! For anyone that is interested in getting into a daily yoga practice, this is the perfect way to start.

Our five day challenge begins on the 19th if you do it with us live. After next week, you can still have the opportunity to participate at your own pace.  

You will be doing your own self-paced yoga practice everyday, but I know that it can be difficult and jarring to start something new, so we will be giving you support throughout the week.

So, what is the point of daily yoga?

Anytime you start something new it is helpful to establish an anchor habit, which you can build on to create into other habits that are going to support you in a overall healthy lifestyle. In this challenge, your anchor habit is a 15 minute pre-recorded yoga practice every day for 5 days. The practices are attainable for most people and designed to be accessible. They are all levels classes, which are beginner friendly.

We have been hearing similar things from many of our members: that they wish they were eating healthier, were more motivated, were happier. Daily movement can be the foundation for all of those goals. 


To serve your body and your overall well being, you are better off practicing more often for a shorter time, than only fitting in a longer practice once a week. That longer practice is probably going to wear you out and you are not going to see the same benefits as experiencing movement, even for a short time, every day.

A daily practice of yoga, since it includes breathwork, mindfulness, and meditation (and not just movement), is the most well rounded way to:

  • Elevate your mood
  • Connect to your body, mind, and being
  • Improve productivity and effectiveness
  • Improve executive functioning, especially the ability to be flexible and adapt 
  • Build discernment and learn to trust your intuition 
  • Build awareness that encourages other healthful habits

I will be live on Facebook and Instagram at 11am EST every day with tips and strategies for getting on the mat. Be sure to join our Facebook group and ask any questions you may have over the five days and I will try to include them in the lives. Our live kickoff will be on Sunday night at 7pm EST in the Facebook group and on Instagram. Sign up here and I’ll see you then!


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