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As a yoga teacher and studio owner I often get questions from newbie yogis looking to start a yoga practice.

So, what is yoga and what is a yoga practice?

When we think of yoga, we often visualize the physical practice, or asanas, that happen on the mat. But yoga is a vast array of practices, not just stretching. It includes breathing exercises, mindfulness exercises, meditation, and self awareness. We even have yoga philosophy that includes practices of compassion and kindness to ourselves and others. Yoga is a complete philosophy and so much more than a solely physical practice. 

There are also many ways to experience it on the mat. You can experience it fast, like in a vinyasa class, or slow, like in a restorative or gentle class. There is a huge range of experience that can be found in yoga and in our yoga studio. There really is something for everyone.

My top three tips for beginning a yoga practice are:

  1. Keep it super simple. Pick a time that works for you, and a single instructor or studio. You are more likely to show up if you have less to think about as far as a time, type of class etc. The more you just show up and just do, the more practice becomes a part of you.
  2. Schedule it,  so it actually happens. Decide whether you want to practice every Sunday or everyday at 6:30. Make it consistent so you are ready to show up for it and less likely to choose something else to occupy your time.
  3. Utilize tracking and accountability. Participating in a challenge, having a monthly calendar with classes scheduled, or a to-do-list can be great motivation and are all ways to keep yourself accountable. 


In future posts we will dive more into what these three tips mean in practice and the different methods our community uses to make yoga a part of their life consistently. 


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