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What if your favorite place to practice was a small corner of your home?

What if you craved the chance to roll out your mat, stretch and move, and do so with joy and lightness?

What if you found practicing at home easier than trying to get to a studio?

What if??

Tips for Your Irresistible Home Practice Space

1. Start with an item that you love. This could be a picture of your kids, a trinkets, pets, or a personal, cute, and funny items bring you joy. Adding something that you love, something that has meaning and is special to you, gives your space a special touch and opens your heart to practice.

2. Bring life to the space. Plants (real or plastic), crystals, sea shells, and things of the earth add a grounding element to your home space. These items signal that you are welcome here and can make a big difference when you’re trying to settle into practice.

3. Envelope yourself in sound. There is nothing quite like the calming, grounding support of ambient music, or the uplifting nature of your favorite at-home workout playlist. Sound matters. And taking the time to get a good portable speaker will make yoga at home so much more enjoyable.

4. Give your space a special scent. Smells are a wonderful way to signal to the brain, and the body, that conditions have changed. We recommend having a dedicated “yoga practice” candle that only burns when you’re on the mat. Not only does the candle remind the mind “it’s time to practice”, you can enjoy watching the candle slowly burn down over time, and feel a sense of accomplishment when it’s time to replace it. Plus, the dancing heat of the candle lights that fire element from within, which is a symbol of strength, movement, and determination. If you prefer, a diffuser with a grounding, or enlivening essential oil blend can be equally inspiring to get back to practice.

5. Don’t skimp on the props. If there is one thing that makes all the difference when it comes to adding comfort to your class, having the right support with equipment makes all the difference. For our classes, we typically recommend a minimum of 2 blocks, a strap, a yoga blanket or towel, and a yoga mat (of course!). Extras that make the class oh-so-enjoyable include a bolster, a thick yoga blanket, and a variety of yoga balls. If you are local to us, we offer many of these props in our Be the Love Shop. Email Lindsey at for more details.


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