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Welcome to Sutra Summer Experience

We are SO EXCITED to have you here, yogi!

In this program, our team will guide you through a well-rounded yoga and movement experience that combines strength, grace, and tenacity with the inquiry, reflection, and beauty of yoga philosophy.

Over 12 weeks, we’ll teach the same well-rounded yoga experience we always bring you – and expand on it, offering new modalities, new staff, and an even broader sample of movement married with inquiry, self-reflection, and personal growth. 

The Yoga Sutras are fundamental to yoga philosophy. But all too often, they are approached in a one-size, hard-to-digest format that can be intimidating and confusing to yogis and newbies alike. The truth is, many yogis don’t understand how to study the sutras, and worse – they don’t know how to teach it to others. 

Here at Be the Love, we believe that yoga study should be easy to access and should be available to all practitioners.

Because, even in its simplest form, the power of this practice is incredible. 

This program is inquiry-based learning in a very accessible, everyday life way. Through conversation, we’ll give you the tools to begin the inquiry process. Through practice, we’ll invite you to bring the inquiry onto your mat, and into your mind and body. We’ll guide you to feel into the words. And through this practice, we’ll bring you on a journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance that helps you not only better understand yoga, but rather understand life, and living, in a whole new way. 

Join us on this journey, yogi. And expect to be surprised, encouraged, and guided each step of the way. 

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