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daily yoga challenge

Welcome to your 5-day FREE daily yoga challenge, yogi!

Congrats! You’re in. You made the first step towards improved wellbeing.

Whether you’re here to reduce stress, to increase flexibility, start something new, or build in better wellness habits – we’re here to help you get started.

For 5 days, you’re committing to daily yoga practice.

In just 15 minutes every day, you’ll get the benefits of movement, breath, and greater conscious awareness of your inner self.

And it’s going to be GLORIOUS!

Because you know with the right support, and continued encouragement, you can start to make real, positive change in your body, in your mind, and in your overall wellbeing.

You are ready to start addressing that stress response.

You are ready to open up and start moving again.

You are ready to increase your flexibility.

You are ready to breathe deeper.

You are ready to clear your mind.

You are ready to reset, recharge, and refocus.

It all starts Monday, April 19th.

Make sure to bookmark this page. All classes, supportive materials, and additional content will be linked here.

How to Prepare for this Program

(1) Schedule your week ahead in your calendar

Every day at 5am we’ll send you a link to class
Each class is approximately 15 minutes
Write it in your calendar. Put it on your fridge. 
Make it real. Decide it’s happening. 

(2) If you’re doing live classes, make sure to sign up for 5 days on our LIVE class schedule

(3) Get committed. Listen, yogi, the yoga isn’t going to do itself. If you want to make this happen, you’re going to have to decide to show up no matter what

(4) Show up. Show up to your classes. Try one of our freebie classes on our YouTube channel. Get to know the team. You can do this

Want more tips for your home practice?

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How it Works

Reason Why

Tips for Starting Daily Practice

BTL Free 5-day daily yoga challenge

Tip #1 Mark your calendar

Add it to your calendar. Schedule it on your phone. Put it on the family white board. Write it any place where you are reminded of daily events.

When it’s on your calendar, it’s a real event. Just like an appointments, this is a have-to you cannot miss.

BTL Free 5-day daily yoga challenge

Tip #2 Make it visible

This is about declaring it to yourself, and to the world, that you’re going to make this happen. Write it on your fridge. Make it so real and clear that you can’t help but see it every day.

Write “I am practicing yoga every day for 5 days” on a sticky note and place it on your bathroom mirror.

Declare your intentions somewhere you’ll see daily.

BTL Free 5-day daily yoga challenge

Tip #3 Believe it

Gosh, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said I’m going to start something, but some part of me thought “I probably won’t do this”. That self-doubt is detrimental.

If some part of you, conscious or not, doesn’t believe you when you say you’re going to do something – chances are, you won’t.

Start believing you can.

BTL Free 5-day daily yoga challenge

Tip #4 Set up daily reminders

Phones are kind of amazing these days. You can set a daily alarm on your phone for a certain time.

Here’s how it works: create the alarm on your phone, set the time, repeat it daily for 5 days, add a label (it’s time to practice, yogi!), customize with an uplifting tone or a favorite song.

By setting daily reminders, you’ll have consist support to make it happen.

BTL Free 5-day daily yoga challenge

Tip #5 Bring a friend

There’s really nothing better than practicing with your friends. Think of 2-3 people that care about you, that you know want you to do well. Listen, posting a blanket post on facebook won’t do much. But if you reach out and text a friend.

If you let them know you’re trying to prioritize your health, and you would love their support to get started, you know what happens then? They support you. And when you have their support, gosh, it all comes together.

Also, it’s a lot more fun

When you have the support of someone you love, practice becomes the thing you do together. It’s the language of care and support. And it’s powerful.

Send your friend to this page to sign up and join you. Text each other every day. Check in. Hold each other accountable. YOU GOT THIS!

Daily Challenge Classes

Each day’s program will be made available here once it goes live. You’ll know the content is live when you see the hot pink button below.

Day 1

15-minute practice to start your day

summer sutra experience yoga sutras study

Day 2

15-minute practice to start your day

Day 3

15-minute practice to start your day

Day 4

15-minute practice to start your day

summer sutra experience yoga sutras study

Day 5

15-minute practice to start your day

Bonus: Sun Salutations

15-minute Sun Salutations

Tips for Practice at Home

(1) Set up your practice space

(2) Grab a water or tea

(3) Pick your class

(4) Practice your heart out!

Want more tips for your home practice?

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