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Core Foundations

Repair and strengthen your core



In core foundations, we begin with simple, clear, and easy to follow instructions on how to engage your core in practice. Each week, we build off of the previous week’s work, offering slow and steady progression. 


We teach you how to build safe, strong, and stable alignments in common yoga poses. Through repetition and practice, we’ll slowly increase strength and power in your core, move with greater integrity beyond the yoga mat.


This program includes a PDF guidebook, video library, and daily emails, so you always know what’s coming. You can follow the schedule or get ahead by stacking multiple classes at a time. 


Core Foundations teaches the foundation of core engagement in yoga practice, and beyond.

Using a mix of yoga shapes, personal training tools, and physical therapist-approved methods of strengthening deep core tissue, we’ll teach you how to use muscle activation to make even the simplest yoga shapes into a fierce core-strengthening move. 

Whether you’re looking to strengthen or repair your core, get stronger, or develop better mobility and movement in practice, this program will teach you the lesser known tools to activate deep core muscles in a way you’ve never learned before.

Corporate wellness program, yoga, meditation, mindfulness


This program includes pre-recorded videos and supportive resources.


25+ Core Strengthening Classes


Your Questions Answered

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Support your progress


This program includes daily practice for 21 days. You do not have to follow the schedule, though we do recommend establishing routines with practice. 

Week 1: Core Engagement Basics

Week 2: Developing Integrity in Practice

Week 3: Dynamic Strength

You will also receive detailed instructions on how to activate core strength in the following poses: Tabletop Pose, Plank, Runner’s Lunge, Bridge pose, and Transitions.   

Corporate wellness program, yoga, meditation, mindfulness


Julie Love Gagen, 500 E-RYT

A chronic encourager, Julie is in love with the possibilities yoga has to offer.

She is committed to inspiring each and every person to discover who they are through caring, supportive, and inspiring practices on the mat.

For Julie, yoga has been a path to recover from unexplained illness, heartbreak, postpartum depression, and the ups and downs of motherhood with littles.

Julie’s study began with pushing physical boundaries in power yoga classes. Her personal study today pushes different boundaries, as she cultivates her continued desire to slow down, create internal space, increase mental clarity and focus, and find quiet amidst the chaos.

She has repaired Diastasis Recti (postpartum abdominal separation) using this method twice (after each child).

Caitrin Run Program 5k 10k Yoga for Runners


This program includes 22 yoga classes, additional supplemental videos, and a PDF workbook.

As part of this program, you will also receive:

+ Daily emails 
+ Additional Coaching
+ Recorded yoga classes
+ Instruction on what yoga practice is
+ Pose breakdowns
+ Safe alignment strategies

You’ll also receive information on how to learn more about yoga practice, yoga philosophy, and what do to after completing this program. 

Core Foundations, Core basics, how to use your core in yoga


In addition to the classes, PDF, and daily practice, you will also receive more information on the following topics:

+ Daily practice videos
+ Introduction to activating your core 
+ Moving with care: how to move with the spine in mind
+ Basic core activation
+ Understanding the Bandhas and core strength
+ Breathwork to soften and relax the core
+ Lifting vs. Strengthening the core

We will also touch on how to continue to advance and strengthen your core using the . 

Discover possibility through practice


How does this program work?

This is a self-paced online program. Once you sign up, you will receive a series of emails with instructions on how to get started. 

What does the program include?

Core Foundations includes 22 daily emails, a PDF workbook, pre-recorded yoga classes, supplemental coaching videos, and additional information to help you start practice with confidence. 

What equipment do I need for class?

The only equipment required for yoga is a human body. No mat is needed, though you can have one! We do recommend purchasing two strong yoga blocks. Once you purchase the program, we’ll send you an email with more instructions and links on exactly what you can get and how to choose the best props for you.  

What if I want to take live classes through the virtual studio?

You can always purchase virtual class packs through our online booking system or the Be the Love app. 

How do I book live classes?

Book online through our website or through the Be the Love Wellness app (iOS or Android).

Is there a commitment?

No. This is a one-time purchase.

How long do I have access to the program? 


What do I do after this?

We’re always updating our programs to meet the needs of our community. At the end of this program, we’ll send you recommendations for what you can try next. As we’re writing this, if you have a strong or healed core, you can try Introduction to Backbends next. Check the Programs page of our website for more information. 

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