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Week 10: Do Hard Things


Welcome to Week 10! Can you believe we are ¾ of the way through this program?! I am seriously impressed!

I can do hard things.

Lace up those shoes and head outside.


Daily assignments for the week ahead:

  • M: Brisk walk 45 minutes, 5 min express yoga: core 
  • T: 20 min yoga for runners: twists 
  • W: Walk 2 min, jog 5 min x5, 10 min express yoga: core 
  • Th: Rest 
  • F: Walk 2 min, jog 12 min x3, 5 min express yoga: feet and ankles 
  • Sa: Optional brisk walk 45 mins or Rest 
  • Su: Jog 30-35 mins 


Congratulate yourself for continuing this path.  I’m cheering you on!

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Practice: This Week’s Yoga Classes


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