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Your First 5k


Welcome to your first 5k

We’re SO EXCITED for you to embark in this yoga-running hybrid program with us! This course is a unique experience that combines our love for the mindfulness and focus of yoga with the heart-pumping cardio and endurance of running.

Over 12 weeks, we’ll progressively build into a running practice with the support of a schedule, movement habits, yoga, and – most importantly – community. On this page, you’ll find all of the links you need to navigate this program with all of the worksheets, downloads, classes, and freebies to get the most out of your new running practice.

Make sure to join our private online community, and make sure to introduce yourself! We can’t wait to get to know you, and to walk this journey alongside you. 

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Practice with Michelle Masella

How it Works

BTL Run First 5k 10k Yoga for Runners Circle

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About this Program

Looking to spend more time outside, increase the flow of endorphins, and build a sense of community? The BTL Couch to 5k program will provide a comprehensive 12-week running plan designed to help you toward an end goal of running a virtual 5k.

You’ll receive a detailed calendar with your daily running and yoga instructions, access to pre-recorded yoga videos designed specifically for this program, and weekly emails to provide wellness and self-care tips and motivation along the way.

We’ll focus on building our community of runners through our private group and you’ll be provided with journal prompts for self-reflection throughout the program. Whether you are brand new to running or you’re looking for some motivation and accountability to improve your running practice, this program is for you!

This page is the place to stop by to get all the links and information that you need for this program. We will update it regularly with links to your weekly assignments, additional yoga classes added to the program, and extra freebies to make

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Bonuses (2021 only)

Move More in May | 31 Yoga Classes in 31 Days

Beginner’s Yoga

BTL Run First 5k 10k Yoga for Runners Circle

Meditation + Breathwork



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