Week 03: I Think I Can


We’ve arrived in week 3! This week, you’ll be building up the amount of time spent in the jogging portion of your intervals. Remember to keep your focus on your breathing and on repeating a positive mantra. Remember The Little Engine That Could? “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can” has a nice ring to it! As you breathe in, repeat “I think I can” once or twice in your head.  As you breathe out, try to repeat it the same number of times. Make a game out of it!

I am capable of anything I set my mind to.

Lace up those shoes and head outside.


Daily assignments for the week ahead:

  • M: Brisk walk 40 minutes, 5 min express yoga: core
  • T: 20 min yoga for runners: twists
  • W: Walk 4 mins, jog 2 min x4, 10 min express yoga: core
  • Th: Rest
  • F: Walk 3 mins, jog 3 min x4, 5 min express yoga: upper body
  • Sa: Optional brisk walk 30 mins or rest
  • Su: Jog 5 mins, walk 3 min x3


Congratulate yourself for continuing this path.  I’m cheering you on!

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