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Week 10: Beating the Hills


Runner, there’s a certain four-letter word that you may be muttering under your breath as you increase your time spent running. That’s right- I’ll say it here- HILL. Ugh, I shutter at the thought of it! Depending on where you are setting out for your run, you may be able to plan for mostly flat terrain. Hills may challenge even the strongest of motivation to keep running. The benefits of working your way uphill include an improvement in endurance and more strength training for the heart.

When working your way UP a hill, lean slightly forward from the hips (like you would if you were running into a strong wind). The key to hills is to maintain your current level of exertion.  That usually means slowing down your pace as you head uphill.  

Working your way DOWN a hill is equally, if not more important than how you approach the uphill. It can be tempting to let loose on a downhill and take large leaps down the hill, but this will result in putting a lot of pressure on the joints, especially the knees. Focus on shortening your stride (taking smaller steps). Who knows, maybe you’ll end up enjoying the hills!

I can do hard things.

Lace up those shoes and head outside.


Daily assignments for the week ahead:

  • M: 3 mile run, 5 min express yoga: calves
  • T: 3 mile run, 10 min express yoga: core
  • W: Speed work: jog 5 min, fast run 3 mins, x4, 5 min walk
  • Th: Rest
  • F: 4.5 mile run
  • S: 20 min yoga for runners: lunges
  • Su: 6 mile run, 10 min express yoga: hips


Congratulate yourself for continuing this path.  I’m cheering you on!

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