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Week 01: Getting Started


Let me just say, I am SO excited to begin this journey with you! Over the next 12 weeks, we will be logging a lot of steps together.  We will work on developing strength, increasing flexibility, and improving stamina.  Read that sentence again, and this time apply it to your mental well-being.  We’ll do it all!

Along the way, you may find yourself stretching and growing in ways you did not think possible! There will be days where you can’t wait to lace up your sneakers and get outside.  There will be other days where the struggle bus has stopped in front of your house and is waiting for you to hop on! Friend, you will not be alone for any of this journey.  

Utilize the PDF to plan your weeks, set your intention, and keep notes on your progress.  I’ll be popping up in your inbox with reminders on the schedule, wellness tips, strategies to apply to your daily runs, and providing you with motivation!  Our weekly check-ins will be a great place to ask questions and celebrate successes. 

So friend, welcome!

Every journey starts with a single step.

Lace up those shoes and head outside.


Daily assignments for the week ahead:

  • M: 2 mile run, 5 min express yoga: breath work

  • T: 2 mile run, 10 min express yoga: balance

  • W: 25 min tempo run

  • Th: Rest

  • F: 2.5 mile run

  • Sa: 20 min yoga for runners: slow flow

  • Su: 3 mile run, 10 min express yoga: hamstrings


Congratulate yourself for taking this first stepI can’t wait to cheer you on!

Get Inspired

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Practice: This Week’s Yoga Classes


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