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Are you curious about energy clearing? Want to learn more, but are unsure of what it’s all about?

Have no fear, friend! We’ve got you covered.

Today, I’m sharing a bit about energy, energy clearing, and energy healing based on my own personal study, experience, and some help from our resident energy healer: Jacqui Burak.

My Experience

I discovered different forms of energy clearing and healing arts three years ago. Since then, I have had dozens of sessions with a variety of healers. Each of them was unique in their abilities. Here are a few that I’ve tried: reiki, polarity, muscle testing, siddha healing, karma clearing, past life regression, home and house energy clearing, and personal/ancestral energy clearing, among others. Each of these different modalities works with the personal energy field to support clearing and/or healing wounds or past traumas.

In general, each session feels really relaxing. Not, like, pedicure-spa-day relaxed, but deeply relaxing, like my body just took a big sigh of relief.

When I start working with someone, it is typically because I have identified an area of my life where I have an issue that I can’t seem to figure out or solve intellectually and all of my other self-help tools – such as yoga practice, meditation, journaling, and talking it out – do not help me solve the issue. For example, when I’m stuck in a bad mood or I feel sad for what feels like no reason, and I just can’t seem to get myself out of it. Or, if I have a situation in my life that is patterned, something that feels like an issue I’ve had before, and that I no longer want to experience in my life, but can’t seem to break the habit of. An example of this would be: becoming friends with the kind of person that drags me down or makes me feel bad about myself.

As soon as I have something in my life that is just too much to bear or that I believe doesn’t need to be a problem, but I can’t get myself out of it: that’s when I call on my energy person to help me out of it. And I think it’s important to say: that nearly every time, I get some help, or some relief. And even if I’m not able to solve the problem in that moment, within a few days or weeks, it is eventually solved.

If it’s an individual session with a healer, the session starts with me sharing what I’m going through or experiencing in that moment. Sometimes it’s a detailed inter-personal issue that feels a lot like other inter-personal issues I’ve had throughout my life. Sometimes it’s more of an inherited thing, for instance a behavior that is common in a family, or in parents, that I also possess (and don’t want). After I share the issue, they usually have follow-up questions to better understand what’s going on, so they can help.

At some point in the sharing, things always come up that I never really thought about, or that I didn’t realize were an issue. It’s then that I really feel the magic of these sessions. I’ve done years of talk therapy, and while there were some wonderful moments of clarity in the hours spent in conversation, it just doesn’t compare to what can come up, and how quickly it can happen, when I’m working with the right intuitive healer.

The “healing” part is usually quiet. Sometimes the healer, for instance with Jacqui, will guide me through a visualization to help me clear my own energy field. At the end, they usually give additional advice or feedback that helps me know how to process and release whatever situation I’m in. This is, again, where Jacqui really shines. She is always exceptionally good at giving me advice on what I can do in my life to help me overcome the issue at hand. Thanks to her guidance, I have worked through and healed past traumas, and just really annoying personality defects (as we often call them) so that I can be better at what I do, and show up better for everyone that I work with.

Part 2: Your Experience

So, now it’s time to hear from you. Have you ever had an energy healing session? What was it like? Share in the comments below, or on our social media posts, and I’ll bring them together for our next blog post. I can’t wait to hear what you have experienced!


Want to try a session with Jacqui? She offers them on the first Monday of every month at 6:30pm EST here at Be the Love. For more info, go to our live studio website: or sign up using our branded app. Classes are virtual, so you can get the entire experience from the comfort of your home!



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