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Week 6


YOU DID IT, yogi-runner!! 

This is the final stretch.  

And you totally got this.  

As we near the finish line of this program, please take a moment to congratulate yourself. Over the past several weeks, you’ve worked hard on developing an indoor running routine, supplementing the running with yoga, building strength and increasing flexibility.   

I am SO happy you chose to take this journey. 

Tips for Continuing to Run


If you found it helpful or motivating to have a weekly schedule, know that this is something you can continue for yourself.   

 At the beginning of each week, look at your schedule and think about how much time you can block off to run, do some yoga, or cross train.   

 Next, think about what you want to do and write it down for yourself.  Think back to the previous weeks and get creative!   

Finally, think back to what was the most helpful in terms of increasing motivation over the past several weeks.   

Was it telling someone what your plan was?   

Writing it down?   

Rewarding yourself?   

Create a plan to continue with whatever increased your motivation.   

Can you sense a theme here?   


You are bound to be more successful with a plan. 

Your Schedule at a Glance


30 min Treadmill

Comfortable pace


Full Body with Laura



30 min Treadmill



Full Body with Caitrin


30 min Treadmill

Speed Interval

Classes this week

Cross Training for Full Body

Yoga for Full Body

Week 6 Check-In


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