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Week 5


It’s time, yogi! Let’s talk about transitioning to outdoor running. 

Over the past 4 weeks, we’d bet you’ve learned to just love running on your treadmill.  “I’m going to run on my treadmill even if the weather outside is perfect!” said no one ever.   

Regardless of the season, there are bound to be some days that really motivate you to get outside, and some days that really do not.   

We’ve spent the past several weeks learning to understand what we can do to stay interested during treadmill running. And while running on the treadmill is better at retaining stamina than no running at all, it’s certainly not a perfect solution. 


Tips to Adjust to Outdoor Running


Running on a treadmill lacks the ability to simulate some of the conditions you’ll find outside. Wind resistance is one of those conditions. If you’re starting to think about transitioning to outdoor running again, one way to help re-condition your body for the wind resistance you’ll experience outside is to reset you “home base” to include an incline of 1 or 2 for every run.   

The way your body has to adjust to go uphill is similar to how you move through wind. Try taking the next 2 weeks to start every run with an incline of 1 and moving from there.   

You’ll be surprised at how quickly your body forgets that you’re on an incline at all! Take the last 5 minutes to cool down with no incline. 

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Week 5 Check-In


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