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Week 4


Woo, yogi-runner! 

Week 4 and we’re talking: Ummmm….The Treadmill is Still Boring. 

Ok yogi-runner, here’s the outright truth of the matter: no matter how much effort you put into spicing up your treadmill run, it’s still not going to be as motivating or exciting as a run outside.   

 Hopefully, you’re implementing the tips and tricks we’ve already discussed to make treadmill running tolerable, if not slightly enjoyable.   

 Let’s talk about some motivation tips and tricks to help you continue to lace up your shoes and get on the treadmill. 

Tips to Get Motivated


  • Log your Progress: Remember that awesome PDF workbook you received at the beginning of this program. The last several pages have spaces for you to log your progress. Research shows that writing down your goals and marking progress as you go increases the likelihood of achieving those goals.  
  • Attitude is Everything: Remember that awesome workbook we just talked about (seriously…it’s great)? Each week has an affirmation attached to the schedule. Write it down and recite it to yourself often. Your attitude about something seriously impacts your overall impression of that thing. Fake it until you make it! 
  • Reward Yourself: There are many intangible rewards to running (better overall health, releasing endorphins and happier overall mood, feelings of accomplishment to name a few).Sometimes, though, those intangible rewards are simply not enough! Think about something that you could do for yourself as a reward for making it through your treadmill run, or a bigger reward for completing the program (new workout gear? yes, please!).  

Your Schedule at a Glance


30 min Treadmill

Comfortable pace


Core with Laura



30 min Treadmill



Hamstrings with Caitrin


30 min Treadmill

Speed Interval

Classes this week

Cross Training for Core

Yoga for Hamstrings

Week 4 Check-In


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