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Week 3


Friends, we are already 3 weeks into this program! Take a moment to reflect and congratulate yourself on showing up for yourself. 

This week we’re talking about an important, and super necessary subject: injury prevention with treadmill running.  

Aside from providing you with a way to keep you running regardless of environmental factors, the treadmill also provides more cushioning than the pavement does. This is great for your joints! 

Running can place a lot of stress on the joints, so even with the extra cushioning that the treadmill provides, let’s take a moment to talk tips and tricks for injury prevention. 

Tips for Injury Prevention


  • Running Shoes: The number one, most important way to stay injury free while running is to make sure you have proper running shoes. How often you run is a big factor to how frequently shoes should be replaced. If it’s been more than a year since you’ve swapped your sneaks, treat yourself soon. Your entire body will thank you. 
  • Pay Attention to Posture: Try to keep your shoulders aligned of your hips. If you notice you’re leaning forward while you’re running (especially as you start to get tired), take your speed down a notch or two and see if you can straighten out. 
  • Shorten Your Stride: The belt of the treadmill will pull your feet back with it. This is obviously something that is not mimicked in nature! Keeping your momentum going can cause the hips to work harder to keep you stabilized. Focus on keeping your stride short. This will help minimize the impact of your feet hitting the belt and will help keep those hips happy! 

Your Schedule at a Glance


30 min Treadmill

Comfortable pace


Lower Body with Laura



30 min Treadmill



Balance with Caitrin


30 min Treadmill

Speed Interval

Classes this week

Cross Training for Lower Body

Yoga for Balance

Week 3 Check-In


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