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Week 1


Yogi-runner, welcome to the BTL Treadmill Running Program! I am SO excited to begin this journey with you!

Over the next 6 weeks, we will be logging a lot of steps together.  We will work on developing strength, increasing flexibility, and improving stamina.

Read that sentence again, and this time apply it to your mental well-being.  We’ll do it all!

Along the way, you may find yourself stretching and growing in ways you did not think possible. Treadmill running is a bit of a different beast than lacing up your running shoes and hitting the pavement. With this program, we’ll work together on the love/hate relationship that can be treadmill running.

What to expect 

There are many factors that can make outdoor running a challenge: the weather or amount of light outside to name just a couple. This program is designed to help you begin or maintain a walking or running routine on the treadmill. We’ll mix things up with some interval and hill work to keep it interesting.

You’ll receive a detailed calendar with your daily running, yoga and strength training instructions, access to pre-recorded yoga and strength training videos designed specifically for this program, and weekly emails to provide wellness and self-care tips and motivation along the way. 

We’ll focus on building our community of runners through weekly virtual check-ins and you’ll be provided with journal prompts for self-reflection throughout the program. Whether you are brand new to running or you’re looking for some motivation and accountability to improve your running practice, this program is for you!

Introduction Video

Your Schedule at a Glance


30 min Treadmill

Comfortable pace


Glutes with Laura



30 min Treadmill



Hips w/ Caitrin


30 min Treadmill

Speed Interval

Classes this week

Cross Training for Glutes

Yoga for Hips

Week 1 Check-In


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