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Gosh, I am just over the moon excited for Move More in May this year!!

It feels like it’s the spark so many of us need to get in the habit of moving more, diving into self-care, and offering just a whole lot more self-love to the body, being, and spirit.

This challenge brings a level of passion and excitement of moving, and supporting one another, that’s unlike anything else.

And that brings me to today’s conversation: the energy of upleveling.

Friend, I could talk all day about this.

You know, often we’re taught to believe that living at that next-level is a one time upgrade.

The truth is, there are always areas in life, in body, and in mental-emotional wellbeing where we are searching, desiring, or striving for growth.

Whether it’s more money, more respect, a greater sense of wellbeing, feelings of greater joy, improved health, your self-worth – we are all, always, in process.

And yet – somehow this belief of “making it” or “getting there” leads us, culturally and communally, to assume that once we arrive at the money, or the relationship status, or the respect, or the credentials – as if once we get there, that’s it: no more growth needed.

Sweet relief!

< insert laugh-cry emoji because that is NOT real >

The fact is, if you’ve the hard work of caring for yourself and your wellbeing, you know that just isn’t true.

Growth is not a one-time thing. It’s not a destination.

Growth is the slow, steady process of evolving thoughts, ideas, and competencies. It takes time. It takes consistent practice. It requires surrounding yourself with the right people.

Each time you level up, there is a shift in your energy.

And it can feel so different that it changes your behavior.
Sometimes you get really tired. Sometimes you get scattered or a little wild eyed. Sometimes it looks like total disregulation. Or checking out. Or saying “fuck it”. Or “taking the afternoon off.”

Sometimes we get so thrown off by the feeling of this new level of being, that we unconsciously undermine the whole thing. And set ourselves farther back then when we started.

To grow into where you want to be, your personal growth demands consistent presence and attention placed on the support, tools, and care that is needed to get there.

These tools help you when you start to feel that uncomfortable feeling of growth that comes from operating at a higher level, the systems, the tools, and the people in your life that you have set in place to catch you in this moment, they push you to keep on going.

Sometimes that looks like an accountability partner. Or a coach. Or a mastermind group.
Sometimes that looks like hiring a personal trainer, or getting the right spiritual coach or leader, or yoga teacher to guide you.
Sometimes that looks like joining the right program, at just the right time, to rocket launch you to the next level.

Whatever the solution is for you, the only person that will truly know it, cultivate it, and care for it, and listen to it – is you.

In Move More in May, we’re offering you the chance to feel into the energy of your own growth.

By ushering in the energy of upleveling with the support of the right group, the right coach, the right tools, and the supportive practices of yoga, meditation, mindset, and consistency that will bring you into a whole new level of being.

And when that happens, friend, all the growth you want for yourself, it starts to show up in your life.

Learn More: Move More in May

So, what does growth look like for you right now?

What has growth looked like in the past? How has it changed?
Have you given up, or felt like you have had to give up because of the pandemic?

If you could start fresh tomorrow, what would you choose for yourself?


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