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Run + Yoga

Cross-training, Community, and Support for Runners

BTL Run Club

Your Monthly Running + Yoga Routine

As a new yoga teacher, I could always spot the runners in the room. I came into teaching in a time when we offered physical assists during live in-person classes (different times, right?!).

During physical assists, most bodies had a bit of give. As in, the tissues would soften over the course of practice. With a little assistance, someone could find greater range of motion with the lightest guide and direction to do so.

The runner bodies were different. No matter how much support or assistance we gave, they wouldn’t move. The muscles were stiff. The body was inflexible. What other bodies could do to improve in 3-4 classes would take 2-3 times as long for runners.


Because most runners don’t have a complementary practice of stretching and opening the body.

The thing is, without that kind of support, the tension in the muscles starts to create stress. You’ll know it’s happening if you find you need to get out and run again to feel relief from the stress. Without realizing that, in reality, the mental clarity and relief running medicine was giving the body and mind, had become the very thing causing more stress.

Through regular practice, through the right guidance and support, you can transform your body, your mind, and your running game into a whole new level of flexibility, openness, and ease. And your running will improve as well.

– Julie, 500-hr E-RYT + Founder, Be the Love

Every journey starts with a single step

BTL Run Club

It’s one part community, one part cross training, and a whole lot of encouragement and support to keep up the habit of running, get out into the world, and enjoy each stride, with the knowledge of all the support you’ve got right here. 

 Included in Membership

Each month, we’ll provide you with:

+ Monthly coaching: what to highlight and how to build up and support your running that month

+ Guided stretches: pre-run or post-run stretch care

+ Yoga classes: 20-min and 30-min Yoga for Runners

+ Inspiration and sharable quotes to keep you going

+ Community: private members-only community to share progress, track wins, get some extra coaching, and share resources

When you join, you also get the always-expanding library of yoga for runners classes, so you have more than enough variety to keep up the habit of practice each week.

Three Reasons Why Yoga + Running

Adding another modality to your plate can feel intimidating. But with the right support, instruction, and movements, adding yoga to your regular running routine will pay you back in spades.

Reason #1: Running is a mental game. So is yoga. 

Experienced runners know that what pushes you past your own self-imposed limits isn’t just conditioning and regular routines. It’s also equally affected by what’s happening in your head.

Through regular practice, you can refocus your mind, get into the mental game of discomfort, stay in practice (even when you want to peace-out) and stay with it. And that’s the same skill you’ll need to get longer distances on your trails.

Reason #2: Yoga Builds Body Awareness

When you’re on your mat, any good instructor is going to queue you to pay attention to your body to what is happening inside your tissues.

The more you practice this skill, the more awareness you develop. Over time, that awareness can save you from injury, from push-ing past the wrong feelings, and discerning the difference between good vs. bad discomfort.

Reason #3: Flexibility, Joint Mobility, Range of Motion

The most evident benefit of yoga for runners is the benefit it offers to range of motion, joint mobility, and general flexibility in the body.

As yogis, I can tell you: the runner body builds so much tension, it can become problematic for your overall wellbeing. Slips, trips, falls are made worse when the body is stiff. 

Through flexibility, through opening range of motion, through learning how to relax the tissues, your running improves and, truly, your quality of life with it. 

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Yoga Classes


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Get all the details (and meet Caitrin!)

“Running is about finding inner peace, and so is a life well lived.”

– Dean Karnezes

Meet our Team

Hey, yogi-runner! My name is Caitrin and I am your guide, your coach, and a yogi-runner with you. I’m a mom of two, an educator, and a long time runner. I found yoga after repeated injuries kept me off the pavement. 

With the help of the flexibility, the pace, the strength, and the mindfulness of regular yoga practice, I was able to recover from injury and get back to my favorite way to clear my head: running. 

I hope you’ll join me as we take time, each month, to move, connect, and grow – in community .

If you’re looking for some support to develop the practice of running, if you want some community, accountability, or support for your running routine, or if you want to give yoga a try, we’ve got the perfect program for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much yoga experience should I have before joining Run Club?

No experience necessary! The yoga classes are all-levels.


How much running experience should I have before joining Run Club?

It’s helpful to have some running experience, so you can access the run training advice we give. If you find you need more guidance and a plan to start to build endurance in running, check out our First 5k or First 10k run programs. 


What is the commitment?

You can cancel at any time. 


Is there a free trial?

Yes! We offer a 7-day free trial before the subscription starts. 


How long are the classes?

The pre-run and post-run stretches are 5-7 minutes. The yoga for runners classes are 20-30 minutes. 


What if I have more questions?

Contact us at any time!


How much does it cost?

After the free trial period, Run Club is just $24/month. 

Let’s run + train, together

You’ll get immediate access to all current and past monthly content


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