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Yoga, Mindfulness, and Resiliency

Maynard High School

Week 2: Contract + Release

If it were easy to relax, we wouldn’t need to learn how to do it. The truth is, life today is dynamic. It can be challenging. And while we may know we need to relax, and we know it would help us feel better, it can be really hard to unwind. 

This week, we practice building up a bit of energy – engaging muscles, moving the body, and building strength – all so we can bring the body, the muscles, the connective tissue in sync and feel fatigued just enough to be able to relax. 

Note: if you play sports or have another movement practice, the relaxation practices in this lesson can be a great way to unwind after a game, or at the end of a busy day. 

Discussion Topics

This Week’s Practice

Video 1:


Video 2:


Video 3:

Contract + Release Stress Reduction Technique

Bonus Classes

Teens | Yoga to Brighten Your Day

Sleep Easy | Guided Relaxation


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