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Welcome to Yoga, Mindfulness and Resiliency in the Classroom

Week 1 | What is Yoga? Mindfulness? Resilience?

In week 1, we introduce the program by starting with an understanding of what we’re doing in this program in the first place. Because yoga has been popular, and represented in pop culture, for a number of years, many of us have preconceptions about what yoga is. Sure, we can all agree that there is stretching, and there is mindfulness, but what is yoga practice? 

Check out the student resources for Lesson 1 to answer the following questions: What is Yoga? What is Mindfulness? What is Resilience?

Did you know that there are literally thousands of yoga shapes? This week we’ll learn the number one shape. It’s true! There is just ONE shape that all other shapes are considered to be a variation of. And if we can get this one, we can – in theory – do any others. 

Power Pose | Foundations

That shape is Mountain Pose. If you’ve ever been to a corporate leadership training, you may be familiar: this shape is commonly called “Power Pose”. And for good reason! It’s a pose that evokes feelings of strength, courage, and confidence. Practice this in the morning before a big day and it will help you build confidence so you can give a presentation, negotiate that salary increase, or have that tough conversation. 

Self Check-in

We also practiced the self-check in, which we’ll encourage and practice each week. Using a self check-in is an exceptional tool for us all. Often feelings are unconscious. As we’ll learn in the coming weeks, feelings and thoughts can lead to choices, actions, and behaviors that we may or may not want.

By practicing self check-in regularly, we can more easily identify feelings and using our yoga tools, make conscious choices that positively impact our actions and choices. 

Program Resources

All of the supportive videos that we make for this program, as well as many other free yoga, meditation, and mindfulness resources, can be found for free on our YouTube Channel. Here are the important links:

Yoga, Mindfulness, and Resiliency in the Classroom - Youtube channel

YouTube Playlist

Yoga, Mindfulness, and Resiliency in the Classroom - Youtube channel

Yoga Basics

Yoga, Mindfulness, and Resiliency in the Classroom - Youtube channel

Family Resources

Week 2 | Wake up with the Sun

This week we’re talking about sleep, sharing some fun facts about sleep, and trying out some ways to move the body to help wake up. We end class with a discussion on how to relax in order to fall asleep easier and stay asleep. 

Fall 2021 | Parent Information Night


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