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Week 7: Asmita and the Ego

Wow! Week seven already — it’s hard to believe we’ve only got one week left after this.

This week, we’re talking EGO (not the waffle;0) ) We’ll learn how it’s made, how to approach it mindfully and yogic-ly, and look into some ways we can inquire into the validity of the thoughts that hold it together. This is a JAM PACKED chapter, so please give yourself a bit of extra time to work.

Also, please start the Observing the Ego process TODAY (in the workbook first, then the Mindful Moment PDF), so that you have time to build on the exercise throughout the week. It’s important to allow yourself space and time when dealing with the ego and the thoughts and judgements that present as truth — this is big work!

We’ve got a super fun and different mat class this week as well, where we’ll look at several different props, and discover how they actually help us DEEPEN our practices.

Asmita + The Ego | Week 7 Assignments:

  1. Watch Asmita + The Ego Lecture
  2. Daily Vipassana (5 minutes)
  3. Download & Print Workbook Chapter Seven
  4. Complete Ego Inquiry Activity
  5. Practice Prop it Up! Movement Class
  6. Complete Daily Mindfulness Log this week

Watch this Week’s Video

Mindfulness with Love- Week 7 workbook
Mindfulness with Love- Week 7 activity

Practice: All Levels Yoga


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