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Week 5: Mindful Manifestation

This week, we’ve got a jam-packed lecture, a quick drill practice designed to help you reach a “peak” pose, and a video showing you how to create a vision board! Even if you’re not “crafty” or “artsy,” give this tutorial a try — it’s a great way to get your goals organized and visible, which helps streamline the manifestation, or action, process.

Also, for me, having an exciting visual to look at is SO HELPFUL whenever I’m feeling stuck or like there’s too much to do. I can just take a peak at my vision board, and not have to think about it anymore — it’s all right there, like an infographic depicting all the actionable steps needed to manifest my dream.

For this project, you’ll need a few basics:

  • Poster board or cardboard (or even a page inside your journal)

  • Glue and water, or Mod Podge

  • A paintbrush or foam brush you don’t mind getting glue-ey

  • Scissors

  • Old magazines or newspapers or clippings you may already have

  • *Optional* Colored tissue paper, construction paper, markers, or paint if you’re feeling extra

Gather these materials and follow along with me throughout the tutorial. If you have any questions, please feel free to shoot me a message in our Facebook Group, and don’t forget to share your finished projects there as well!

Mindful Manifestation | Week 5 Assignments:

  1. Watch Mindful Manifestation Lecture
  2. Daily Vipassana (5 minutes)
  3. Download & Print Workbook Chapter Five
  4. Complete Vision Board Tutorial Video
  5. Practice Dancer’s Pose Drills (ideally 2-4 times this week)
  6. Complete Daily Mindfulness Log this week

Watch this Week’s Video

Mindfulness with Love- Week 5 workbook
Mindfulness with Love- Week 5 activity

Practice: Dancer’s Pose Drills


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