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Week 3: Judgement & Veils of Perception

This week we are diving into judgement and learning how the yogic concept of avidya – the veils of perception – which allow judgements to pass. 

This is a meaty topic, so please give yourself space to take it in and digest. Remember, I’m always only a message away, so if you need me, hop over to our private Facebook Group and drop me a line.

Please know, this is a self-paced course — if you’re finding it difficult to keep up with the work, IT’S OKAY! 

Judgement | Week 3 Assignments:

  1. Watch Judgement and Veils of Perception Lecture
  2. Daily Vipassana (5 minutes)
  3. Download & Print Workbook Chapter Three
  4. Practice 3-Minute Breathing Break
  5. Practice Vkrksana 2 ways (ideally 2-4 times this week)
  6. Complete Daily Mindfulness Log this week

Watch this Week’s Video

Mindfulness with Love- Week 3 workbook
Mindfulness with Love- Week 3 activity

Practice: Vrksasana 2 Ways


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