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Week 2: Automaticity

This week, we focus on Automaticity, or the automatic responses that hinder us from choice. Mindfulness teaches us that by creating space between a situation and a response, we can harness our innate ability to decide our course of action, instead of falling victim to implicit reaction.

Please remember to read the workbook chapter and watch the lecture video. This week’s movement practice is basic sun salutations, and our Mindful Moment activity is Mindful Eating (one of my favorite experiments!). Feel free to practice both between 2+ times this week, and keep going with your daily Vipassana practice.

Automaticity | Week 2 Assignments:

  1. Watch Automaticity Lecture
  2. Daily Vipassana (5 minutes)
  3. Download & Print Workbook Chapter Two
  4. Practice Mindful Eating
  5. Practice Sun Salutations (ideally 2-4 times this week)
  6. Complete Daily Mindfulness Log this week

Watch this Week’s Video

Mindfulness with Love- Week 2 workbook
Mindfulness with Love- Week 2 activity

Practice: Sun Salutations


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