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Can you believe it?! Be the Love turns THREE this month!!!
And what a wonderful year and time to celebrate it is, friend!
We have SO MUCH in store this month, including some new offerings we are really proud and excited and just totally heart-struck to offer you.
But first, I wanted to take a quick trip down memory lane to reflect on how we began as a studio.
We first started out in a small rented space downtown. There was not a lot of room. It comfortably fit like 5 of us, but we packed in our classes because the thrill and excitement of what we were creating there was just that awesome.
We had so many events to share — the Art Walk, open houses. Being in a storefront downtown had us right in the middle of all of the action.
Honestly, I’ll never forget the pauses we made to wait for the fire engines to pass, or the police sirens to finish, or the loud traffic to move on.
Truly, we were having SO MUCH FUN. Because, from the very beginning, what we had was MAGIC.
It wasn’t long before sold-out classes were…. well, a bit of a squeeze.
So when we moved to our second location, in Sanctuary Hall, the breathing room and space we had was just SO GOOD.
It was quiet. And delightful. The lighting, the floors, gosh I loved that space. The classes grew. The community grew. And we had some really amazing events.
We started celebrating everyone who reached 108 classes.
We had bigger parties.
We expanded to kids & tween classes.
And then covid hit.
And we adapted again. This time expanding into a really incredible online virtual studio which we are SO PROUD to share with you today.
Now, in our THIRD location and THIRD year, we’re reaching this delightful stride both with our work, who we are as a studio, and the diverse classes we offer.
Friend, I cannot express my level of joy and fulfillment with who we are today.
This growth-based, supportive, open community is here to stay.
And that’s why I am SO EXCITED to share all the goodies we have in store this month.
Stay tuned here on the blog, and in your email inbox, so you don’t miss a thing!
Tomorrow we’ll announce the first two Shop releases. Want a preview? Check them out on our brand-spanking-new Shop page. On sale through 6/12.


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