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Begin: 79 Main Street

With the construction of our studio stalled, we decided to have a soft-open at 79 Main Street, renting space from a friend who happened to have a place for us and a really kind heart. We unofficially established BTL in March 2018: our simple – and really delightful – beginning.

Establish: 82 Main Street

We had two awesome years in the most gorgeous church basement you could imagine. It was a delight and a total treat to have so many wonderful moments there.

Expand: 2 Mill & Main

And so now, as we comfortably rest in our newest space at Mill & Main, we have both the certainty of where we’ll be (at least 3 years, we hope!), and a vision for a new way of serving and supporting our community with virtual classes, outdoor group classes, and plenty of space for private yoga and training as well.


Outdoor Yoga at Mill & Main Maynard


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