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Member Announcements: Summer 2021

Welcome, yogi-runner!! This month we’re launching our amazing Run Club program with all sorts of special treats, to help you get familiar with BTL, get in the habit of running, and hit the pavement with focus, presence, and a whole lot of support.

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About this Resource

We’re SO EXCITED for you to embark in this brand-new yoga-running program with us! This monthly subscription was inspired by our First 5k and First 10k running programs, which were just so inspiring and so much fun that we wanted a way to bring those good vibes into everyday life.  

Creating good habits, with the support of community, is such a fun way to build endurance, develop consistent movement habits, and have an extra excuse to get outdoors, move your body, and take care of yourself – with the support of yoga, mindfulness, and community. 

This is a totally unique experience in movement that combines our love for the mindfulness and focus of yoga with the heart-pumping cardio and endurance of running.

Each month, we’ll offer you a level-appropriate running practice to keep up those good habits with the support of a schedule, short yoga classes to cross-train, and – most importantly – community. 

On this page, you’ll find all of the links you need to navigate this program with all of the worksheets, downloads, classes, and freebies to get the most out of your new hybrid yoga-running practice.

Featured Classes

Practice with Michelle Masella

Renewal | Vinyasa 3

Practice with Julie Love Gagen

Rainy Day Yoga | Gentle

Hips & Hamstrings | All-Levels

Hamstrings | Gentle Yoga

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