Energy Healing w/ Jacqui (Virtual)


This program includes (6) virtual recorded guided visualization and energy healing sessions with transformational energy healer Jacqui Burak.


Are you feeling stuck and not getting what you want in life? Does the same negative pattern keep repeating for you and you can’t figure out why? You may be at a transition, or looking for what’s next in your life. Or maybe you have physical pain that gets in the way of experiencing the life that you want.

How do you shift and open up to your own true capacity and experience life with more ease?

When we connect with our intuition and raise our energy vibration, we gain clarity and align to who we want to be and what we want for ourselves and our lives. Transformational healing helps you align with your purpose. When we release limiting beliefs, we clear lifelong patterns and gain a deeper understanding of our lives. Life becomes more satisfying and fulfilling.

In this 6-session program, you will experience Jacqui's monthly energy healing sessions, taught live to a small group. All sessions are approximately 30 minutes.

She will introduce herself, and her work, and guide you through transformational energy healing that you can experience again and again.

This program includes the following healing sessions:

  • Journey
  • Release and heal
  • Heart chakra
  • Third eye chakra
  • Cultivating healthy connections
  • Cord cutting

Upon purchasing this product, you will receive a link to access all 6 sessions.



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