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Yoga Foundations

About this Program

Yoga Foundations is a self-paced program designed to help you get comfortable on the mat, learn about yoga, and leave with a greater understanding of why we do what we do on the mat.

From getting comfortable with the right props, to yoga pose breakdowns that help you practice safely, to finding adaptive ways to feel comfortable and supported on the mat, we’ll give you the building blocks of finding your own groove, starting slow, and building into strong and supported physical asana shapes.

You’ll even get knowledge that we typically don’t share until yoga teacher training: the fundamentals of yoga philosophy

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How it Works

Program Outline

Week 1: Yoga is Union | We begin with short, mostly floor-based practices that are gentle and slow, so you can develop comfort on the mat while learning about what yoga is, along with some basic ways to warm up the body. 

Week 2: Foundations of Asana | In week 2, we start to develop understanding of alignment – one of the most fundamental aspects of yoga practice. We’ll help you get comfortable with alignment cues by going slow. Take your time and feel free to repeat as needed. 

Week 3: Foundations of Philosophy | Here, we’ll introduce you to some foundational philosophical aspects of yoga and give you a chance to practice while you learn in this short 20-45 minute classes. 

Approach to Practice

These classes are gentle, slow yoga classes. Expect to move slowly and with simple shapes that don’t tax the body. 

Begin by downloading the PDF workbook. Here, you’ll track progress, use the calendar for links to classes, set intentions, and reflect on the program. 

Accessing the Program

The entire program is linked in a Vimeo Showcase. Use the link below and enter access code “Foundations2021” to see the videos. 

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