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In this video, we’ll talk about the equipment you *can* have for yoga class. The truth is, you really don’t need anything to get started with yoga. In fact, even some basic yoga mats can be more slippery and harder to work with than just practicing on your carpeted surface or the floor in your house.

Of course, not everyone feels comfortable spreading out on their floor (especially if you have kids or pets, which always seem to leave SOMETHING on the floor!). And for that reason, we include in this video what to look for when purchasing yoga equipment.

Here are some topics we explore in this video:
+ What to look for in a yoga mat
+ Do you need a yoga mat to practice yoga?
+ What to look for in yoga blocks
+ What to look for in yoga straps
+ Bolsters and blankets: what we use and what to look for

Our current favorite mats are B Mats.They are delightfully grippy, with plenty of cushion and support for your knees.


About this {Begin} Yoga Program

This class is part of a series designed to help new yogis and people that have been practicing for some time, but want to better understand yoga, get started or learn more about what yoga is, how it works, and what to expect.

We’re here to help you sort out what to do, how to start, and help you build enough knowledge to feel fully comfortable getting started with yoga.

We’ll answer beginner yoga questions such as:
+ What equipment do I need for yoga class?
+ How do I sit comfortably in yoga class without hurting my knees?
+ What is it like to be in a yoga class?
+ What is yoga?
+ What is regular yoga practice like?

In this series, we’ll also build on this with some bigger questions that will help you sort out what yoga is all about, so that you can make an informed choices about how to develop your own home yoga practice.

Post your questions below.

What are you curious about? What questions about starting yoga do you have? We love to hear from you!

{BEGIN} is FREE on YouTube! Check out this free playlist of beginner-friendly practices on our Be the Love YouTube channel.

Learn more about Yoga Foundations: a 21-day self-paced get-to-know yoga program. It’s the perfect place to BEGIN.


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