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Welcome, yogi



Hey there, yogi. Listen, it’s just so easy to feel overwhelmed at the idea of starting something new. 

New habit. New practice. New community.

This is a beginning.

It takes time to get situated, get oriented, and learn how things work. 

It takes time to find the right class, the right teacher, the right style and practice.

Well, friend, that’s where we come in.

Welcome to your first month unlimited, PLUS.

This 30-day experience is filled with full access to our schedule – virtual and outdoor classes – PLUS all the extras. 

You know, the things you want to ask, that you want to learn about.

We bring it all in one place. So you can get started. Get to know us. And see if it’s a good fit.

“Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.”

– The Bhagavad Gita

What to Expect

We’ve curated a little bit of everything we offer. With plenty of chances to meet the team, sample all the classes, and get oriented with all that we offer.

Week 1

Creating an irresistable home practice space w/ Alisa

summer sutra experience yoga sutras study

Week 2

How to create time for practice w/ Michelle

Week 3

The purpose of cross-training in your practice w/ Laura

Week 4

The art of yogic sleep: Yoga Nidra w/ Ashley

summer sutra experience yoga sutras study

Week 5

Making space to rest, reset, and release w/ Heather

Move More in May | 31 Gentle Classes in 31 Days

Week 6

Advancing your practice with confidence and curiosity w/ Jenn

Move More in May | 31 Meditation Classes in 31 Days

Week 7

How do I know if I’m doing it correctly? Safe practice tips w/ Caitrin

Move More in May | 31 Yoga + Fitness Classes in 31 Days

Week 8

Showing up when you feel tired, unmotivated, or sad w/ Audrey

Move More in May | 31 Yoga Classes in 31 Days

Bonus Content

More coming as we dive into the course!


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