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What if I told you I had something to offer you that would give you:

Less stress.
Better executive function.
Clear thoughts.
Improved memory.
Improved wellness habits.
Better sleep.
Improved mood.
More self-control.
Improved stress response.
Less reactivity.
Mind-body connection.
Feelings of peace and ease.
More flexibility.
Improved strength.

…and so much more?

You would probably be like YESSS, PLEASE! Sign me up! And what if I told you this thing I had was scientifically proven to help in every single category mentioned above?

Well, yogi, you’re not going to believe this, but I actually do have something that does all of that — and more.

It’s called yoga…. and it’s kind of amazing.

Free 5-day Yoga Challenge

Just in case you haven’t seen it yet – we’re offering a totally free Daily Yoga Challenge this week. And all you have to do to get access to the challenge for now until forever (that’s a long time!) is to sign up. Everything else is taken care of.

You’ll get auto emails, plenty of coaching, worksheets, and a lot of support to bring yourself into the habit of daily practice.

And you know what happens then?

All that stuff I listed above? YES, YOGI! You get those things. And so much more.

If you haven’t already, you can sign up now (it’s free)!

As part of the free 5-day challenge, I pop into our Facebook Group every day at 11am EST to share a little insight, conversation, and encouragement to help you show up on the mat on the regular.

Today, I’m sharing the coaching video from day 1 (today) because it feels really relevant for so many people.

Maybe you’re struggling to show up on the mat.
Maybe you’re struggling to show up at all.
Maybe you’re a mom with young kids.
Maybe you’re balancing more than you can handle.
Maybe it feels like the weight of the world is on you.

And you know you need some relief. But it feels like it’s impossible. And, really, it’s hard to imagine that something so simple could be so life changing.

I totally hear you, yogi. That’s why today I’m sharing the how and why of how I’ve managed to show up on my mat regularly and what I do on the daily to overcome the obstacles that get in my way.

I hope you can take some inspiration from this. And know – it’s entirely possible for you, yogi. All you have to do is start showing up. There’s no better day than today.

Together, yogi. We can do anything together.


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