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Your Home Practice


Friend, I’ll be honest: developing a regular home practice was a struggle FOR YEARS for me. I LOVE YOGA, but loving it wasn’t enough to make it a regular thing. As hard as I tried to commit to doing the practice, getting all the perfect gear, setting the mood, and creating a dedicated space – the truth is, it just never stuck.

I was sure that would change after I became a yoga teacher. 

It didn’t.

Which is why I created this resource page for you – filled with tips and support gained over years of trying to develop this practice, and the ah-ha moment that finally made home practice a reality for me, and feedback from our team – all so you can start fresh, with perspective, and enough support and resources to help you develop a regular home practice that you love. 

xoxo, Julie

Creating a Sacred Practice Space

It may sound cliché, but creating a visible, standing space in your home – no matter how small or portable it is – can have a great benefit in creating routines for regular yoga practice. 

To create your sacred, dedicated space, find a few objects that bring you joy and are somehow connected to yoga or mindfulness practice. Such items could be: a favorite scented candle, essential oil, crystals, mala beads, a favorite yoga book, magazines, journals, and even a photograph that brings you a little joy, inspiration, or peace. 

Next, you’ll find the space. This could be a secluded spot in your house (one of my favorite places in a 3-season porch that no one else goes in), or a place where you can reasonably practice without too much interruption. 

Last, bring it all together. Add decorative baskets to hold your mat and props, perch your favorite journal and pen on a nearby accent table, light a candle or apply essential oils, and begin your practice with peace, a clear mind, and the grounded feeling of your personal dedicated space to practice. 


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