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Hello, May!


This month we're exploring Mindfulness: a daily practice of clearing the mind, finding the present moment, and observing the self.

The practice this month is simple: no movement, no expectations, no "motivation" needed, just a few minutes every day to connect, listen, breathe, and observe the moment.

Yogi, our culture excels at taking something complex, subtle, and powerful - and turning it into a marketable, surficial, and almost exclusively perception-based marketable money-maker. And that's how we've been taught to perceive yoga.

The truth is - yoga, mindfulness, and these practices are far more complex, rich, and meaningful than what we perceive them to be.

This month, we explore mindfulness, breath, and a pursuit of self-awareness and a dive into the present moment.

And it is MAGIC.

Be Well Monthly Program

Practice at a whole new level


May 2022: Mindful May

May 2022

Mindful May

April 2022: Cultivating Balance

April 2022

Cultivating Balance

Past Programs

April 2022: Cultivating Balance

Cultivating Balance

Mind + Body + Energy

Move More in May | 31 Meditation Classes in 31 Days

Yoga Foundations

Build Your Base

Move More in May | 31 Meditation Classes in 31 Days

Core Foundations

Fire up your core

Featured Movement: May

All Levels | Mindful Balance

28 min

Gentle | Mindful Movement

42 min

All Levels | Being Present

50 min

Featured Meditations: April

April Daily Balancing Breath

Daily Balancing Breathwork

Guided meditation on moonlight

January Energy Clearing

Corporate wellness program, yoga, meditation, mindfulness

Mindful Beach Visualization


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